vavilon class

A unique way to learn

WE are different


Vavilon Class is an online interest school.
Vavilon Class goes Beyond!
Do you want to be an Astronaut?
Do you want to be a President?
Do you want to be a Polyglot?
Do you want to be Yourself?

Vavilon Class is where you learn Russian, Arabic,
English, French and so on, online and from the comfort of your home!

Vavilon Class is your unique way to learn foreign

Vavilon Class’s teachers are focused on your Interest!

We do not care about your nationality or
age, your birth certificate or place where you live!

 We are just interested in your Interest!

We care about your Interest!

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Learn Everywhere

Wether you are on the beach, in the mountains, in the desert or looking for the long lost treasure of Chilimango, as long as you have internet, you can connect through the web or any mobile device.

learn anytime

Teaching doesn't have to be strict. This is why we have teachers located all over the world, ready to connect to you through our online platform. So you can rest assured that you will have one available at your convenience when you opt for private sessions.

Public and Private courses

We offer both public courses with small classrooms, and private courses that are more flexible and adaptable to your style.

try before you buy

All online courses have one free trial session. If you don't feel that the class is for you, you will get a full refund for the course.

practice and chat

Why go to the shrink?
Come to Vavilonclass and enjoy learning through discussion, choose your passion and talk about it through weekly chats with your teacher. Discuss litterature, art, movies, and so on...

learn anonymously

We require minimum information for your registration and we do not store other information about you. If during classes you prefer not to use a camera, no one will force you. You are only required to use voice to communicate with your teacher.