Teach with us

We are always looking for passioned teachers, so please fill out the following form to submit your CV and motivation letter. Scroll down for more details.

What to include in the form?

1 - Your CV as an attachment, in pdf or Microsoft Word format.
2- Why would you like to join us and a brief description of your teaching approach in the motivation area. 

what happens next?

Our HR team will review your application and once accepted, they will contact you with the detail about the rest of the paperwork.

how and when am i paid?

Payment is made on a monthly basis and we use mainly paypal for our payments, but if your country does not accept Paypal, we can use other money transfer methods (Western Union, Moneygram, etc...). But keep in mind that for alternative options, we will deduct the money transfer fee from your payment.

can I teach elswhere while i am teaching with you?

Of course! When you teach with us, you are not hired as an employee, but as a freelancer, since your courses will always depends on the availability of students, so if no student enroll in your courses you won't have a course to give.

will you help me find students for my courses?

We have a dedicated team to promote the site and its courses. We run ads continously and try to target the audience of each and every course that we have listed.